Brewery Tours

If you’d like to gain an understanding of how we make our ales, what ingredients we use and why - and you fancy a good evening out with friends or colleagues - why not come on a brewery tour…


A nice evening out!

We run tours for between 10 -20 people. Our tours are run on a Friday evening and start about 4pm - 5pm. You’ll be here for around an hour, which is plenty of time to have a look around and discover how we make Gower Gold so tasty!


We’ll give you a history of Gower Brewery, an explanation of the brewing process and raw ingredients, and follow it all up with a tasting session! If you would like a tour for a smaller number of people then just get in touch and we can arrange something for you. Brewery tours are £10 per person and you’ll need to book in advance. Brewery Tour Vouchers can also be purchased - an ideal gift