Gower Rumours: Shipwreck

Gower Rumours: Shipwreck


Join us as we share some of our favourite tales of bygone Gower days. By revisiting the stories woven into the bedrock of the Peninsula, we keep our heritage alive. As time moves on, these legends often take on a life of their own and the rumours creep in…

The Helvetia

 Have you visited the wreck of the Helvetia? Nested in the corner of Rhossili Bay, these old bones are part of one of the most photographed shipwrecks in Europe.

The Helvetia was a three-masted Norwegian Barque carrying 500 tonnes of timber. She was travelling from Campbellton in Canada to Swansea in October of 1887.
Arriving in Mumbles on 31st October she was met with gale force winds and was forced to retreat around Worm’s Head for shelter. They anchored in Rhossili Bay but the wind strengthened and changed direction, ripping free the anchor.

The crew had to abandon ship and everyone made it safely ashore. The Helvetia was stranded on the Rhossili sand where she remains to this day…

Did you know that the 500 tonnes of timber the Helvetia was carrying washed up across Rhossili Bay? Most of it was recovered and sold whereas the Helvetia herself was stripped of anything valuable. The salvage operation was partly aided by the steamboat Cambria which itself briefly became another casualty of the Gower coastline during the process ⚓️

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