Gower Zero: the only low alcohol beer you need

Gower Zero: the only low alcohol beer you need



Our Low Alcohol Beer 


Did you take on the Dry January challenge this year? With the increased production of alcohol free products across the market there are countless options available to conscientious drinkers. We took on January the Gower way with our refreshing low alcohol IPA with no more than 0.5% ABV, brewed with a balanced blend of citrus and bitter notes. There really is no need to start the year compromising, especially when it comes to taste!

But that's not all we did in January - on a sunny afternoon we met up with Ryan Stephens at a beach hut in Langland Bay. He’s a Swansea based Mindset and Wellbeing Mentor who has spent the last 1200 days (3.5 years) swimming the sea or a natural body of water every day. 

In late September of 2020 Ryan started a sea dipping and wellness group called the Wet Bandits with the aim of regularly getting out in nature, sunshine and the sea with other people. It is now a thriving community that meets at Langland Bay all year around. 

Ryan is also an advocate for Dry January after undertaking the challenge last year lasting 77 days in total. Not only did he find the experience beneficial he also noted that it encouraged him to do other things to improve his overall health and wellbeing. 

We sat soaking up the winter sun over a few bottle of Gower Zero and chatting to Ryan about his thoughts on low alcohol beer: 

“Dry Jan is a really good challenge for people to do and can be extremely beneficial. If you’re having challenges with your physical and mental wellbeing, that is probably one of the best things to moderate, at least for a while, as you get back on track.”

Motivated by his own experiences with the challenges of life, Ryan founded Wild Minds Gower whose mission is to get people out in nature improving their wellbeing in real time as well as learning strategies and techniques such as breath work to implement in their daily lives. 

Check out the full story in the reel below 📼👇 In need of a top up of your low alcohol stash? Head to our online shop to get yourself some Gower Zero 🍋🍺



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