Gower Stories: Full of Graze

Gower Stories: Full of Graze






It’s an unspoken truth that food always tastes better when accompanied by the right drink… No one knows this better than Jenny McCarley, founder of Full of Graze. Nestled between the seafront and Mumbles Hill, Full of Graze is a popular coffee shop and brunch spot. Born in the midst of lockdown as an event catering service, the business grew month on month seeing them opening their doors on Mumbles Road just over a year ago. Now famous for her beautiful graze boards, loaded brie cakes and handmade scotch eggs, Jenny’s skill as a self-confessed foodie has solidified Full of Graze as one of the best eateries in the area.  

As a lover of cheese and all things Welsh, Jenny has spent years finding the best local products to curate her menus, which is when she found us at Gower Brewery. Gower Gold is now a regular on the bar and pairs perfectly with her aesthetic graze platters. We met up with Jenny to find out more about her ethos and how she consistently delivers quality in everything she does. 

“It’s just so important to me to source the best local Welsh produce on the market for all of our dishes; and my favourite thing that we do is cheese. Nothing beats a welsh cheese! I love a good charcuterie board with Welsh cheeses, olives, local chutneys and that kinda thing. So good!

Initially the business started out as external catering so parties, weddings and functions then about a year ago I opened my own space here right on the front. We have the most beautiful garden opposite where you can look out across the bay! I’m so proud of it, it’s so amazing and I know how fortunate I am to have such lovely local neighbours and all the other small businesses around here. They’re all super supportive and we often work in partnership with each other. 

I’m from Brecon originally and moved to the Swansea area over 8 years ago and then down into Mumbles. Full of Graze grew out of my love for food - I am just such a foodie! I just love cheese and wine and saw a gap in the market for it. Plus I get to work with so many amazing local businesses who offer welsh products of a high standard, then bring it all together into something aesthetically pleasing; it’s so satisfying.


I just love working with people! All of our event work is personalised and tailored towards each individual. I get to curate these beautiful themed graze boards and platters. It makes me so happy when a customer sees what I’ve made and it looks just as beautiful as it tastes.

I’m honestly so fortunate to live in this area and to have a business here is just incredible. I love the fact that I can raise my children on the doorstep of the Gower. We’re honestly so lucky to have beaches like this! We pay to go abroad and we get to live in such a destination location. When the sun is out there really is no better place to be - Rotherslade beach as it has a special place in my heart.” 

As a mother of two children, Jenny has a lot on her plate but no matter how long her todo list, she always delivers the highest level of quality in everything she does (and the most instagrammable platters you’ve ever seen!) We asked Jenny to describe her life on Gower in three words:


Lucky. Incredible. Proud 


If you’re wandering along Mumbles Promenade be sure to stop by Full of Graze’s bayside garden and soak up the views with one of Jenny’s famous graze boards… and a pint of Gower Gold, of course.  

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