Brewery Tap Opening

Brewery Tap Opening

We are pleased to announce that the Brewery Tap will be open every Friday between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. so you will be able to join us for a well deserved, pint after work. 

We will have the usual favourites on the bar but will also take the opportunity to try out some of new brews. 

Contact the brewery for more information on 01792 850681. 


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  • I am interested in coming to your brewery tap. I understand it is only open on a Friday afternoon I am not sure but do you need to pay to enter, also how many beers do you have on offer and are they on Cask Ale. Furthermore do you have Gower Shipwreck and Gower Rumour on offer and how many more do you have on and are they Cask aswell. And could you please name any others that you possible have on.

    Thank You
    Kind Regards

    Phil Evans

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